European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

Our Philosophy

Patents and trade marks are business tools; correctly used they can increase the value of your business.
We work as a team using our resources and IP experience and your expertise to advance your projects.

How We Work

We provide knowledge, we propose IP strategies to meet the project's aims and we carry out the agreed IP strategy, be it a simple trade mark registration or a complex “freedom to operate” analysis of competitors’ patents.

Our strength: the three "Ps"

… Professionalism
Professionalism not only in our advice, but also in our openness, our efficiency, our speed of response, the clarity of our charging scales and all other aspects of our business.

… Partnership
We make sure that we have understood your needs, objectives and existing expertise; our advice and services are tailored to match.

… Practicality
Our advice and recommendations are always practical and understandable.

Associates and references

Our clients include companies ranging from multi-nationals to start-ups, universities and research centres. Each project on which we work is carefully defined with our clients to ensure that we pursue the desired objectives within the agreed budget.

We also work with firms of attorneys throughout the world providing our expertise on local practice before the European patent and trade mark offices and the patent and trade mark offices of the Benelux, Belgium, France and the UK.